Take Control of Your Happiness!

You can successfully navigate life transitions. Move from Feeling unworthy, fearful, and lacking connections with yourself to feeling valued, fulfilled and connected!

Jamie Gorrono

Women’s Mindset Empowerment Coach

Hi there, I’m Jamie


I’m here to support you in your journey of creating happiness and fulfillment regardless of your circumstances.

I believe that women are the most amazing, gracious, beautiful souls, however we all find ourselves in self doubt and longing for more at some point in our lives.

Beautiful Sister

Do You Feel…

  • Something is missing in your life?
  • There is something more out there for you?
  • Lonely, unfulfilled, and blah?

Are You…

  • Fearful you aren’t living up to your true potential?
  • Happy with/in your life?
  • Struggling with happiness or fulfillment?

Every Woman Has a Story. What is Yours?

As children, we believed certain things about ourselves that kept us safe and helped us to survive our families, school, and friends. But over time, many of these hidden beliefs actually turn out to be Destructive Core Beliefs.


Never feeling beautiful and always comparing yourself to others


Always feeling like you need to prove yourself


Looking to others for approval, even as an adult


Spending energy trying to control things outside of your control


Participating in co-dependent relationships


And More

It’s time to let go of the shame and approach your story with curiosity and healing. The evolution of your soul is your responsibility!


Elevate your Core Beliefs. Change Your Life.

This is your journey!



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You are worthy of connection.
You deserve belonging and love.
You deserve good things and amazing life experiences.
You are worthy of your soul’s deepest desires.

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You are

Not Alone

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In this journey you will begin to define and identify if Destructive Core Beliefs (DCBs) are active in your life. You realize that you are not living up to your potential and will have the opportunity to decide if now is your time to start taking care of yourself.


How DCBs almost destroyed my life.


Discover if DCBs are dictating your life and what they are.


Understand where you are and where you want to be


Allow yourself to spend time visualizing your potential


Understand that Compassion for Yourself Should be Your Top Priority

“You deserve happiness.”